getting things done for people

About Bert Biscoe


I was brought up in Stithians. My father was a GP and my mother a nurse. I attended Truro School and later Bangor University. I have worked mainly in the creative industries, as a musician, writer, administrator, manager, event coordinator and animateur. Whilst always having an interest in politics I first got involved as the result of trying to book Truro City Hall (now Hall for Cornwall) for a concert. 

This led me to stand for election to Truro City Council and to become intensely involved in the battle to stop the sale by Carrick DC of the City Hall, which was followed by the longer and more complex campaign to enable the Hall for Cornwall to emerge.

I have since engaged in the public life of Truro and Cornwall in many ways, and I hope I have learned enough to be able to make a positive contribution to finding both Truro's Cornwall's way forward. We navigate in difficult conditions - the integrity of Cornwall is to be fought for, and the practical needs of it communities often require that the battle be fought with an artillery of partnerships and diplomacy complemented with passion and campaigning stamina. 


In working for individuals and households I believe that three principles must apply:-

Working on the Council

I believe it is important for councillors to know their community, to listen, to analyse and to think. I try to ensure that the community I try to represent knows what I think. I hope that, through talks, articles, letters and personal contact I am able to stimulate debate.

I believe it is important to manage change in a positive way, and to achieve a balance between conserving the best and most valuable aspects of Cornwall's long and proud past, whilst striving to make a community and an economy which inspires, cares and is safe for all who live here.

I think it is important to be available to people who have problems or ideas which they need to take up with the council. Many of these involve traffic, parking, road safety and streetlights. I also help people to get hold of the right official to deal with Trading Standards, Social Services, Education and all the broad range of services provided by the Council.