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Delegate to Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authoirties


From:BERT BISCOE [mailto: ]
Sent: 26 July 2012 11:08
To: Maggie Sullivan
Subject: Congress of Local & Regional authorities - while I remember


26th July 2012

Dear Maggie,

It is a privilege to have attended and taken part in the Congress. When I think about the Polish airman whom my Grandmother married at the end of the War, and whose experience, only articulated in enigmatic ways (like fishing at Porthtowan all night, every night, so that dreams of the nightmares he had lived through were kept at bay), and why he sacrificed all the deep and sinuous ties of belonging with his native land, I think that simply sitting in a room designed for all of Europe to come together to share experience, set and monitor key standards of behaviour, to make individual relationships which contribute to bonding nations, and to influence the World by asserting the commonalities of local life and understanding the differences between cultures and ambitions, made his sacrifices worthwhile. I've sat there for the LGA Independent Group, to hopefully inject a voice from a serious and profound British political tradition, and in order to represent the life of Leon Bartecki, armourer, leatherworker, archer and fisherman - a man who taught me that survival is instinctive but only worth it if one survives to live by values of peace, tolerance and freedom.

Many thanks for the opportunity. Its good for such things to be shared, and I wish my successor a fruitful period of office - and Hey! The train trip is wonderful.

Best wishes